Thank you for your patience while we build something exciting! Our airport visitors will start to notice significant changes within the terminal as we move to the next phase of the terminal expansion project – within the main concourse of the terminal building. Hoardings have been installed along the main concourse, and the children’s play area has been closed to make way for a new, improved play area!

Below are few tips for you and your child to have a pleasant experience at Adelaide Airport. We also have a practical guide for traveling with babies & children just click here for more information.

Changing and feeding facilities for your baby

Our customers with young children can now travel a little easier with access to 5-star Parent Room facilities at Adelaide Airport. Our new Parents’ Rooms, located on Level 0 and 2, have been awarded 5 stars by the Australian Breastfeeding Association Baby Care Room Audits including feeding areas, toddler toilet pans, basins, microwave and basin for food preparation. A 3-star Baby Care Room is regarded a great place to go, and a 5-star Baby Care Room, like ours, is considered fantastic! Have you visited?

Have a look at the Terminal Map to locate the parents’ room closest to you.

Shop for a bit of fun!

Please note that a number of retail stores are temporarily closed. We advise you contact the store ahead to avoid disappointment. Contact details and store listings can be found here. 

Airport Pharmacy

Airport Pharmacy Adelaide Airport and has established a strong understanding in what their customers need and want when travelling, be it sunscreen or other travel essentials. Whether you’re travelling interstate or overseas or just visiting the terminal, Airport Pharmacy has a comprehensive range of over-the-counter medicines, prescription medicines, and travel products.

We don’t want you to lose it!

In case you happen to misplace any of your items, please contact our Lost Property department. More information can be accessed here:

Checking in

Airlines differ in terms of when they require passengers to check in prior to departure, so please consult with your airline about check-in details.

Whilst some airlines provide strollers for use within the terminal prior to departure, most airlines have additional luggage allowance for children’s accessories such as prams, strollers, and car seats. However, you may need to allow additional time for checking in with these items, so it’s a good idea to clarify with your airline.

Lastly, if you’re flying abroad, remember to check the requirements for children’s identification with your airline.

For more check-in information please check here:

Special assistance

If your child has special needs, please have a look at the following page, which outlines all the facilities that are available at Adelaide Airport to make your visit an easy and pleasant experience.

Security: A few FYIs and FAQs

  • Prams and strollers will be screened and allowed entry past the security screening point.
  • Infants and toddlers should be removed from the pram/ stroller for the search.
  • Where possible, check with your airline regarding their own rules for carrying prams/ strollers on board the aircraft.

I’m travelling with children; do the same security rules apply?

Check with your airline for specific allowances when travelling with children. Prams and strollers require x-ray at the security screening point.

Can I take child seats with me?

We recommend you check with your airline. You can take seats through security, although most airlines request that child seats are checked into the hold.

Can I take my baby’s milk through security?

There are no limits to the amount of milk powder that may be carried. Bottled water is available at the shops after security and on board your flight.

Additional international travel requirements

  • The usual restrictions to liquids (100ml maximum carried in a sealed, transparent bag) do not apply. However, please note that the amount carried should be sufficient for your trip and will be subject to security screening. This rule also applies to jars of baby food.
  • We collect many toys that resemble prohibited items. So don’t forget to check what your children packed for themselves!
  • For more information on security, please check here: