How does the Program work? 

The Adelaide Airport FIFO Parking Program provides organisations and their employees with the opportunity to salary sacrifice eligible parking at Adelaide Airport and therefore access significant savings on vehicle parking costs.

How does salary sacrifice work? 

Salary sacrifice is an arrangement by an employer and employee where costs incurred by the employee are deducted from an employee’s salary before tax is calculated. This reduces the tax paid by the employee, providing a material cost saving compared to paying for services using income after-tax.

What is eligible parking at Adelaide Airport? 

Parking at Adelaide Airport is eligible for savings if the primary place of employment of the parker while the vehicle is at Adelaide Airport is remoted outside of Adelaide (e.g. regional SA / interstate / international).

How much does the Program cost? 

The program is complimentary for organisations with a minimum spend of $2,000 on the Program in the first year (a one-off administration fee no greater than $2,000 otherwise applies.) 

Is eligible parking under the program subject to Fringe Benefits Tax (FBT) 

Eligible parking under the program is not subject to FBT.

Are there benefits for my employer? 

Yes – employers may be able to reduce their payroll tax and FBT liabilities for parking under the program.  

Can we access Online rates available under the Adelaide Airport FIFO Parking Program 

Adelaide Airport online parking rates are not available under the Adelaide Airport FIFO Parking Program as being part of the program means you will receive the lowest available parking rates.

How can I get on the Program? 

You can register your interest in the Adelaide Airport FIFO Parking Program here using the registration form. Additionally, contact your organisation’s Human Resources department to let them know of your interest in participating in the program and encourage them to contact Adelaide Airport to discuss joining the Program.