1. Terms – Each time you enter Adelaide Airport Valet car park (“Valet Car Park”) you accept these Terms and Conditions of Entry (“Valet Terms”) and the General Parking Terms and Conditions of Entry (“General Terms”) at: www.adelaideairport.com.au/parking-terms-and-conditions/parking-terms-and-conditions-of-entry/ (to the extent the General Terms apply to the Valet Car Park) (Valet Terms and General Terms are together referred to as “Terms”).
The Terms apply to the Valet Car Park and all associated services (“Valet Services”). The Terms apply as a binding contract between you and Adelaide Airport Limited (“AAL”).

In addition to these Terms, the terms published online at: www.adelaideairport.com.au/parking-terms-and-conditions/bookings apply to online bookings of Valet Services.

2. Fee – You agree to pay the fees and charges (“Valet Fees and Charges”). The information about the Valet Fees and Charges, method of payment can be found at: www.adelaideairport.com.au/parking-transport/parking-your-car/prices-payment-options. You will be unable to collect your vehicle if any of the Valet Fees and Charges are due and unpaid.

3. Authority – AAL will require evidence to confirm that you are the owner or controller of your vehicle before accepting your vehicle and/or before returning your vehicle to you or any authorised person. Unless you tell us otherwise, by providing your details to the Valet staff and delivering your vehicle, you represent and warrant to us that you are the owner or authorised controller of the vehicle and agree to be bound by the Terms in this capacity.

AAL will determine and inform you what is the required evidence of ownership or authority to drop off and collect the vehicle.

4. Valet Rules – As part of the Terms, you agree:

4.1 to comply with all signage, bay markings and directions issued to you by AAL or displayed in the Valet Car Park (“Valet Rules”):

4.2 to take steps to ensure your personal safety, safety of other persons and your vehicle and property left in your vehicle;

4.3 to accept responsibility not to cause any damage, including damage to other vehicles, structures, surfaces and equipment in the Valet Car Park (including damage caused by oil or other substances that leak from your vehicle);

4.4 that AAL may enter or move your vehicle where necessary for operational, safety reasons or as otherwise permitted by law; and

4.5 that you may be prevented from collecting your vehicle or re-entering the Valet Car Park if you fail to pay any of the Valet Fees and Charges.

5. Risk – Before your leave your vehicle at Valet Car Park, you must;

5.1 ensure that the vehicle is:

5.1.1 safe to drive and park for the duration of time as required;

5.1.2 roadworthy; and

5.1.3 has valid registration for the entire duration of the use of Valet Services;

5.2 remove all valuable items, any accessories that are not permanently attached to your vehicle and all personal property (“Personal Property”) from your vehicle; and

5.3 ensure that there are no pets or children left in the vehicle.

AAL is not responsible for safety of any Personal Property left in your vehicle. Any items of Personal Property left in your vehicle are strictly at your own risk. AAL does not accept custody of any Personal Property as part of the Valet Services and will not be responsible in case of loss or damage to any Personal Property other than loss or damage directly caused by AAL’s negligent act or omission as part of the provision of the Valet Services.

6. Movement – as part of the Valet Services, your vehicle will be parked in on-airport car park location. AAL may require that mirrors, steering wheel, driver’s seat and/or the temperature controls are adjusted to allow safe movement of your vehicle to and from car park area. AAL cannot guarantee that the above items will be re-adjusted to the original setting. Please ensure that you re-adjust these settings to your personal needs immediately after collecting your vehicle and prior to driving your vehicle.

7. Parking – as part of the Valet Services, your vehicle may be parked in an open-air area or under cover such location being strictly at AAL’s discretion. AAL will have the right to move your vehicle within the airport grounds for operational and safety reasons. If your vehicle is not parked in an undercover car park, your vehicle will be exposed to weather conditions.

8. Obligation to inspect before exiting– when your vehicle is returned to you but strictly before exiting the Valet Car Park, you must inspect your vehicle thoroughly and immediately report to us any damage or safety concerns. Such damage or safety concerns must be reported before you exit Valet Car Park. If you fail to do so, AAL will be unable to consider or recognise your damage claim (unless you provide AAL with sufficient evidence to demonstrate to AAL’s reasonable satisfaction that the damage occurred while your vehicle was under AAL’s control as part of the Valey Services).

9. Right to refuse service – AAL reserves the right to refuse service:

9.1 until satisfactory evidence (as determined by AAL) of ownership or authorisation is provided;

9.2 to a person that in reasonable opinion of AAL appears to be affected by alcohol or other substance affecting safety; and

9.3 if the vehicle is not registered or registration is likely to expire while the vehicle is in the custody and control of AAL.

10. Retention of vehicle – your vehicle may be retained by AAL if the Valet Fees and Charges are not paid prior to collection of the vehicle. You grant us a general lien over, and the right to retain, your vehicle as security for any money which you owe us on the terms as set out in the General Parking Terms and Conditions of Entry.

11. Privacy Policy – if You provide any personal information while using the Valet Services, we will deal with it accordingly with our Privacy Policy which can be found at: www.adelaideairport.com.au/privacy

12. CCTV – AAL relies on CCTV and surveillance systems such as number plate recognition technology. By entering the Valet Car Park, you agree to the image of you and your vehicle being used in accordance with the Privacy Policy.

13. Definitions – In these Terms, references to “us” or “AAL” means Adelaide Airport Limited ACN 075 176 653, ABN 78 075 176 653 of 1 James Schofield Drive Adelaide Airport SA 5950 its employees, agents and independent contractors.