What is Adelaide Airport Valet 

Adelaide Airport Valet offers a premium parking service for customers seeking the most convenient and seamless experience at Adelaide Airport. Simply drive up to Valet at the Terminal entrance, leave the rest to our friendly Valet team and come back to your waiting vehicle on your return.  

What are the benefits of parking at Adelaide Airport Valet? 

  • The ultimate in comfort, convenience and speed. 
  • Personal, friendly service. 
  • Your vehicle is stationed within secure on-site facilities at all times. 

What are the Valet operating hours? 

Valet is open 365 days a year from 04:30 to 23:30 

Where is Valet located?  

  • Valet is located on the Ground Floor at the Southern passenger entrance to the Terminal building (adjacent baggage collection). Please see map for location. 
  • Street Address: Andy Thomas Circuit S, Adelaide Airport 5950. 

How do I use Valet?  

  • Drive to Valet and park your vehicle at the Terminal entrance, 
  • Hand your keys to the Valet concierge to check-in, 
  • Your vehicle will be parked in a secure car park, 
  • Your car will be waiting for you at the same location on your scheduled return. 

 How can I contact Adelaide Airport Valet  

Do I need to book Valet online? 

  • Book your Valet online at www.adelaideairport.com.au before you travel to secure the best Valet parking rate. 
  • You can also use the Valet service without an online booking, just drive up and go! Driveup rates are available here. 

How much does Valet cost?  

  • Book online at www.parkadl.com.au for the best available Valet parking rates.
  • Valet driveup daily* rates can be found here
    • 1 day: $85 
    • 2 days: $145 
    • 3 days: $205 
    • 4 days: $240 
    • Extra day: $+35/day 

    *single day is equal to 24 hours (or part thereof) 

Can I cancel my online booking?  

If you have booked online you can cancel your booking up to 2 hrs prior to the scheduled start time via the ‘Manage my booking’ link in your confirmation emails.    

Can I amend my online booking? 

  • If you have booked online you can amend your booking up to 2 hrs prior to the scheduled start time via the ‘Manage my booking’ link in your confirmation emails

Does Valet keep my keys while I’m parked? 

Yes. Our Valet team will keep your keys securely stored until you return to pick up your vehicle. 

Where is my vehicle stored while I am away? 

  • Your vehicle will be stored in an on-site secure outdoor facility. 

Are Valet drivers insured to drive my vehicle?   

  • Yes! All Valet drivers are insured to drive customer vehicles. 

Is a carwash service available?   

  • Carwash services are unavailable at this time. If you would like be interested in a future carwash service as part of Valet please inform Valet Reception! 

What payment types are accepted?  

  • Adelaide Airport Valet accepts Visa, MasterCard and American Express. Cash is not accepted as a payment type. 

What is the car height limit?   

  • A 4.0m vehicle height limit applies for Valet 

What types of car can I park?

  • Valet is available for all vehicles up to 2.2m in maximum length 

My flight is arriving after the closing time, what do I do? 

  • Please contact Valet on 08 8308 9211 prior to the scheduled closing time.  

My expected return flight details or return date has changed, what do I do? 

  • Please contact Valet at 08 8308 9362 to notify the Valet Concierge of your updated expected arrival time – failure to notify Valet may result in collecting your vehicle. 
  • If you have prebooked your parking you may be subject to an additional charge for any extra time parked. 

Someone else needs to collect my vehicle, what do I do?  

  • Please speak to the Valet Attendant when dropping off your vehicle to notify them of your pickup arrangements and provide the details of the person collecting your vehicle. For your security the collecting person will be required to provide photographic evidence on collection. 

What do I do if I lost my ticket?  

  • No need to worry! Please speak to the Valet Reception on your return to verify your identify at check-out. 

Can I charge my electric vehicle (EV) 

  • EV charging is not available at this time.

Can I park my own car at Valet?

  • There’s no need to park your own vehicle at Valet; simply hand your keys to one of our trained staff and depart! 

How long does it take to check-in? 

  • Once you arrive at Valet you will be greeted by a friendly Valet attendant. Simply provide your details and your keys to the Attendant and you’re set to go in a matter of minutes! 

How long does it take to check-out? 

  • Simply come to the Valet Reception and provide your Valet ticket and finalise payment. Once completed your vehicle will be waiting for you! 

Is there a loyalty or rewards program for users of the valet service? 

  • No, at this stage we do not offer rewards points or other benefits for frequent users. Please contact the Valet reception staff to discuss your repeating travel needs to assess how be can best assist 

How does the valet service cater to individuals with disabilities?

  • Our Valet staff are trained to assist individuals with disabilities and can provide support in to provide a seamless experience at the Adelaide Airport. Please contact Valet prior to your arrival to discuss any special requirements and refer to our website for more information